Typical Case

Shenzhen Public-Private Partnership integrated information management platform

  • BRIdata provides Shenzhen City with the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) integrated information management system construction, operation and maintenance services, together with Shenzhen City Government to jointly optimize Shenzhen PPP management information and synergy, standardize the rules of behavior, and promote scientific and elaborate management, thus improving work quality.
    Shenzhen PPP integrated information management system is supported by eight major databases, forming seven management subsystems. Taking the whole process monitoring and service as the starting point, the PPP project life-cycle asset management as the core, through informationization, process and intelligent management innovation, further standardize the operation of PPP projects in research decision-making, bidding supervision, construction process supervision, performance implementation and performance appraisal. ppp.szpb.gov.cn

The competitiveness evaluation of private enterprise when participating in PPP projects (the Ministry of Finance)

  • BRIdata was commissioned by the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance to carry out the PPP competitiveness assessment of private enterprises, mainly starting from the current situation of China's private capital participation in PPP projects, based on the relevant theories of domestic and foreign enterprises' competitiveness and the influencing factors affecting the competition of social capital projects, and then build an index system which evaluates the competitiveness of social capital involved in PPP, analyze the market competitive landscape of private enterprises with business data. Finally provide a perspective for local governments, consulting institutions, and social capital to observe the competitiveness private enterprises. Thereby stimulating the vitality and motivation of Chinese private enterprises to participate in PPP projects.

Infrastructure Sector Study for a Central SOE

  • BRIdata provided customised analysis reports which focused on seven infrastructure sectors called ‘product line’, the enterprise’s main development. The content of the report include industry policy analysis, market capacity analysis, competition analysis and also exploring potential project opportunities and external support resources. The report aims to support the central SOE to make sense of industry policy guidance and development trend, as well as understand strategic market and capacity. These reports can be figured as market developing and strategic planning tools and projects implemention references in the corresponding infrastructure sector.

United Nations Development Program's external development cooperation PPP model research and project operation guide

  • BRIdata was commissioned by the United Nations Development Program to conduct a model study and operational guide for public-private partnership in external development. Through in-depth analysis and comparative research, learning and drawing on international experience, systematically combing the feasibility of external development cooperation PPP projects and PPP operation management processes, methods and systems in different industries. Based on the integration of literature research and case studies, carry out an in-depth study on successful cases and PPP models when obtaining social capital in the development cooperation at home and abroad, and bring forward innovative PPP management framework suitable for external development cooperation according to the actual needs of current international cooperation work.