Government Policy Research

  • Policy Research

    Research and tracking on policy development threads and orientation, policy interpretation, and implementation results. Provides policy consulting services to the government.

    Policy Research

    UNDP <Foreign Development Cooperation PPP Model Research and Project Reference Guide>

  • Market Research Analysis

    Market development path analysis, multi-demensional market data comparison study and anlysis. Provides accurate market status quo discription to the government.

    Market Research Analysis

    China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges <International Organisation Research>

    All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce <Private Enterprise PPP participation survey>

  • Assessment System Research

    Establishment of market entity code of conduct and constructino of industry healthy development assessment index system. Provides credit, enterprises and projects assessment to the government.

    Assessment System Research

    Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance <Competitiveness Evaluation of Private Enterprise Participation in PPP Projects>

    Credit Leading Group Office of MOHURD < Research on Black Stinky Water Body and Sponge City Industry Credit Database with Blacklist System>

    School of Political Affairs Research, Central University of Finance and Economics < Government Credit Financial Index Research>

  • Special Project Summary Report

    Regional industy or financing pattern data collecting and analysis. Provides all-encompassing development plan and forcast to the government.

    Special Project Summary Report

    CPPPC <2017 PPP Annual Report of Each Province>

    Hubei Province PPP Leadership Group <2017 PPP White Papers>

Corporate Investment Research

Regional Research

  • Focuses on key invesment orientation of the city

  • Multi-dimensional data resources analysis, assessment of regional investment potential
    Multi-dimensional data indicator system and information resources overlay, assessment of government compliance status

Project Research

  • Prevents and resolves major risks

  • Comprehensive index judgement on all participating parties of the project, potential risk early warning, and feasibility assessment

Competition Research

  • Predicts market competition pattern

  • Comprehensive index judgement on market participation and competitiveness of enterprises, assessment on competitiveness.

Industry Sector Research

  • Defines market and strategic transformation

  • Research on industry sector policy background, market capacity, implemataion process and exploration of project resources