Government investment project management platform

  • Tailored for the government

  • The main functions:
    Project process information record \ Classified transaction data statistics \ Project risk identification monitoring
    Government Expenditure Responsibility Alert \ Project Performance Tracking Management \ Demonstration Project Process Management

Enterprise project asset management platform

  • The BPM (Business Process Management) system platform developed for infrastructure and public service investment and financing projects covers the whole life cycle of investment, construction and operation, and integrates financial institutions, government departments, partners and other related information.

  • The main functions:
    Basic statistical needs: project statistics, investment statistics.
    Information review needs: information standardization, integrity, etc.
    Investment management needs: investment evaluation, revenue tracking, schedule etc.

Fund investment management platform

  • Providing investment funds and other financial institutions with pre-project evaluation, investment process management, post-investment tracking and supervision of the integrated management platform.

  • The main functions:
    Compliance System Initial Screening \ Investment Project Examination \ Project Bankability Assessment
    Dynamic Risk Monitoring \ Life Cycle Process Management \ Automatic Report Generation