Policy inquiry tool

PPP and infrastructure industry policies are renewed on time, and a variety of targeted search methods such as industry classification search, keyword search, and document number retrieval are provided. Meanwhile, policy interpretation documents are related and it can realize one-stop policy inquiry and understanding. Our policy inquiry tools include policy retrieval and interpretation of article retrieval.

Workflow management tool

The workflow management tool can help to clarify and optimize the management process design by taking into account the rights and responsibilities of each participant, and accommodate multi-agent and multi-sector synergy to improve daily work efficiency. Our daily work management tools include project handling/approval processes, daily work reminders, work plans and summaries, travel records and plans.

Data analysis tool

Summarze and classifying various management data automatically, visualize the statistical results with diagrams, form preliminary data analysis results, and export response reports with one click simultaneously. Providing data support for project decision-making and preliminary screening. The data visualization tool includes historical data, graphical customization services for new data, and real-time data updates.

Regional investment analysis tool

Establish regional development potential assessment model and regional project investment selection model, focusing on project investment risk assessment, and regional investment potential assessment results. Regional investment analysis tools include a comprehensive overview of regional economic data, early warning of investment risks, and multidimensional comparisons of potential investment cities.

Local fiscal affordability assessment tool

Construct a monitoring model of local government financial affordability, track regional fiscal expenditures and statistical calculations, estimate future fiscal commitment and space in real time, and forecast the impact of new projects on fiscal expenditures, and predict future investment trends. The financial monitoring tools include PPP project expenditure data, PPP project fiscal expenditure responsibility estimates, financial affordability monitoring and early warning.

Project feasibility assessment tool

The project evaluation tool includes the project financing assessment and project-related participant evaluation, such as enterprise competitive analysis, government performance evaluation, etc., judging project feasibility, and matching project risk with enterprise capability. Provide evidence for government planning decision-making, corporate investment decision-making, and financial institution financing decisions, etc.

Bidding management tool

The project bidding process management enables online collaboration and simultaneous supervision of multiple departments involved in the bidding process, provides information sharing, and conducts process monitoring through historical project data, so that potential problems can be discovered in time. Including the bid approval process, daily work reminders, work and investment plans, summary, etc.

Project performance management tool

Implement the process requirements of national and regional performance management norms, provide reference to project performance appraisal plans in the same industry, online and offline collaborative appraisal management and information records, improve the timeliness of performance supervision and the convenience of performance payment. Performance management tools include performance indicator system and scoring scheme, performance result calculation and financial payment plan value calculation, record performance appraisal process and financial payment process.

Project fund management tool

With the project as the core, it provides project financing process management, investment income management, automatic calculation and monitoring of financing costs, project income, etc., timely discovering major risks of investment and operation process, and prompting. Investment and financing management tools include equity management, debt management, debt service management, investment income tracking, etc., which can set the expiration of the fund management node and generate a notice automatically.

Team management and training tools

The performance record and statistical management of the multi-team of the enterprise, as well as the work summary management of the team, online sharing of cases, etc. In-house training and event management, including event organization, dynamic online release, activity process management, data recording, etc.