Performance appraisal plan

  • In the early stage of the project, assist in the formulation of performance appraisal plan, covering the whole process of project performance appraisal

  • Determine the performance evaluation system: assessment method and application stage, assessment object
    Formulate performance appraisal implementation mechanism: appraisal management organization, assessment time, and related payment
    Identify key indicators of performance appraisal: assessment performance reference documents and specific indicators, indicator weights

Performance appraisal service

  • Project execution and transition phase, as a third party to assist in project performance appraisal

  • Project periodic performance appraisal organization management

  • Project performance appraisal results and payment management

  • Project performance management plan correction

Performance management platform

  • Provide performance management platform for relevant government departments and third-party performance appraisal service organizations. With modular design, users can freely define combination indicators and workflows, go to code, zero threshold, visualize, and personalize, and apply to various performance management scenarios.

    The performance management platform has the characteristics of whole process, all-round and visualization.

  • The main functions:
    Project data management.
    Assessment process management.
    Financial payment management.
    Financial monitoring management.
    Risk early warning management.
    Performance plan reference.
    Report one-click generation.